High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces

KU Leuven (founded in 1425) is the oldest university in the Low Countries and the oldest extant Catholic university in the world. Today, KU Leuven accommodates 50,000 students, spread across the various campuses in Leuven and elsewhere in Flanders. The University and University Hospitals Leuven each employ almost 10,000 people. For research, KU Leuven ranks among the world’s finest. KU Leuven has become a cosmopolitan institution in a rapidly changing urban environment. Its unique profile reconciles cutting-edge science with quality of life and openness to talent.

Mechanical Engineering, one of the oldest engineering disciplines at KU Leuven, is showing more vitality than ever before. Sustainability of energy supply, mobility in main agglomerations, healthcare for an ageing population, and safeguarding the welfare by continuing industrial innovation, are the major challenges our society is facing today. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at KU Leuven is already ‘making’ the future by creating solutions fulfilling the needs of our future society. It has an outstanding international reputation in the area of production techniques, product and machine design, robotics and automation etc. For more than 30 years, the department has been active as a research institute in the domain of precision- and micro-manufacturing processes, hybrid-manufacturing for advanced materials, production metrology & quality control, additive manufacturing, and so forth. In addition to these research areas, the department is also active in the domains of production engineering, CAD/CAM, virtual sensing, flexible automation, robotics and control. The research topics that bear particular relevance to this ProSurf project are:

  • Non-conventional subtractive processes, including micro-EDM, micro-ECM, ELID-grinding and ultrasonic assisted milling
  • Friction modelling, friction measurement and identification
  • Dimensional metrology & quality control with optical as well as tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMM), X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) etc.

Primary Contact

Dr. ir. Jun Qian
+32 486 029521


KU Leuven
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Celestijnenlaan 300 – box 2420
3001 Heverlee

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