High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces

Formatec Ceramics BV produces technical ceramics for a wide selection of industries. We can manufacture complex components very efficient by injection moulding (CIM) or small series by 5 axis machining. By this production method costs will decrease substantially through the limitation or absence of machining. Also Formatec is involved in new developments. We developed Si3N4 feedstock, electrical conductive ceramics, ESD qualified ceramics and 3D printing of ceramics. Ceramics has many advantages, such as: it offers high precision applications, it’s bio inert, electric isolating, wear and heat resistant. Beside the technical advantages this material has there is also an aesthetical value. You can find all kinds of applications for this property such as watches, telephones, writing instruments, etc.

Primary Contact

Harrie Sneijers
+31 5308093


Formatec Ceramics BV
Nobelstraat 16
The Netherlands

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