High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces

3. General Assembly

January 30-31, 2019
Bremen, GER

The Consortium Meeting in Bremen was intended to be both an update on the current state of the workpackages and a working meeting to discuss the development of the ProSurf Demonstrators. It was kicked-off by a short introduction of the new ProSurf partner and co-host of this meeting - the Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering. Furthermore, Dr. M. Wangenheim from the H2020 project MouldTex was present to introduce his project to the ProSurf partners and to initiate potential collaborations of both projects.

After a short update on workpackages 1-4 on the first half of the meeting, the consortium split up into smaller groups in order to discuss the ongoing developments of the ProSurf Demonstrators. This discussion was concluded on the following day with a wrap up and presentation of the demonstration workpackage as well as an update on workpackages 6 and 7.

Dr. Wangenheim presenting the MouldTex project
Dr. Wangenheim presenting the MouldTex project

Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 1 Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 3
Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 2
Discussion of the ProSurf Demonstrators in smaller groups

Lab tour of the IWT facilities
Lab tour of the IWT facilities


LFM Laboratory for Precision Machining
Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering
Bremen, Germany

The ProSurf Consortium in Bremen


Wednesday 30th January 2019
12:30 Arrival and snacks
13:00 Welcome und introduction to the agenda and the Leibniz IWT
13:15 Introduction to the H2020 project MouldTex
13:45 WP 1 – Surface Specification and Process Chains for Functional Surfaces
14:15 WP 2 – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Surface Structuring
14:45 WP 3 – Replication of functional structures for Mass Production
15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 WP 4 – Surface Metrology and Functional Testing of Structured Surfaces
16:00 WP 5 – Demonstration Work
16:30 WP 5 – Demonstrator-related discussion in smaller groups
17:30 Wrap-up and Discussion
18:00 End of Meeting
19:00 Dinner
Thursday 31st January 2019
09:00 Follow-up on day 1 meeting
09:05 WP 5 - Work planning for 2019
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 WP 6 – Dissemination and Exploitation
10:30 IPR Workshop
11:00 WP 7 – Management and Scientific Coordination
11:30 Closing remarks
12:00 End of meeting and IWT lab tour

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