High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces

June 18, 2020


January 29-30, 2020
Copenhagen, DK


June 19-20, 2019
Leuven, BE

The Leuven Meeting will be focused towards delivering a comprehensive report on the ProSurf project for the Mid-term Review by the EC. In the first day, reports on the state of the workpackages are planned along with a rehearsal of the Mid-term Review Meeting, which will take place on day 2.


January 30-31, 2019
Bremen, GER

The Consortium Meeting in Bremen was intended to be both an update on the current state of the workpackages and a working meeting to discuss the development of the ProSurf Demonstrators. It was kicked-off by a short introduction of the new ProSurf partner and co-host of this meeting - the Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering. Furthermore, Dr. M. Wangenheim from the H2020 project MouldTex was present to introduce his project to the ProSurf partners and to initiate potential collaborations of both projects.

After a short update on workpackages 1-4 on the first half of the meeting, the consortium split up into smaller groups in order to discuss the ongoing developments of the ProSurf Demonstrators. This discussion was concluded on the following day with a wrap up and presentation of the demonstration workpackage as well as an update on workpackages 6 and 7.

Dr. Wangenheim presenting the MouldTex project
Dr. Wangenheim presenting the MouldTex project

Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 1 Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 3
Discussion of ProSurf Demonstrators 2
Discussion of the ProSurf Demonstrators in smaller groups

Lab tour of the IWT facilities
Lab tour of the IWT facilities


November 27th – 29th, 2018
École Normale Supérieure, Paris-Saclay, Cachan, FR

Presentations from ProSurf partners will be held at the 2018 euspen Special Interest Group meeting on Structured and Freeform Surfaces.


June 18-19, 2018
Huddersfield, UK

The ProSurf Consortium was joined by an Expert Monitor on behalf of the EC. The meeting in Huddersfield thus focused on a comprehensive update of the current state of all workpackages. After two half-day sessions, it concluded with a feedback from the Expert Monitor and a lab visit of the Huddersfield facilities.

Impressions of the Huddersfield lab tour: Impressions of the Huddersfield lab tour 1

Impressions of the Huddersfield lab tour 1


January 9-10, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The Kick-off meeting in Brussels started with an introduction of all partners, giving a short view on their role and expectations within ProSurf. After a summary of best practices for EU-funded projects, a general introduction of the topic was given.

In the afternoon of the first day, each workpackage leader was given the opportunity to present their plans for the respective workpackages and to discuss short term actions. This discussion was continued on the second day.


November 4th-9th, 2018
Red Rock - Casino Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Dr.-Ing. Lars Schönemann presented the ProSurf project at the 33rd ASPE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

Lars Schönemann presenting the ProSurf Poster at the ASPE 2018